About us

We chose to give ourselves a wedding day that excited us.

Sound familiar?

We eloped after we began planning our wedding. Because: 

  • We hated the stress that came with planning a traditional wedding. 

  • We were both super uncomfortable with the idea of being the center of attention.

  • We were bummed about planning a day that felt like it was more for others.

  • We didn't connect with a lot of the traditions and expectations that came with a traditional wedding

And we’ve been right where you are

We’re Sam + Kyle - A married duo with a passion for storytelling and an urge to be outside.

Meet Your
Elopement Day BFF’s

Let’s Plan Yours

We’re here to celebrate you

So, we’re gonna make sure you have one.

  • We’ll make the planning process easy-peasy

  • We’ll prioritize keeping things chill, so you can focus on each other 

  • We provide a space for you to show up exactly as you are and know that you can be your authentic selves.

Beautiful images are a product of a damn good time

The experience you have planning your elopement and on your actual elopement day is our biggest priority.

For us, this is about so much more
than pretty photos


"I can't say enough good things about Kyle and Sam. My wife, who is trans, and I really wanted to find someone who would be sensitive and respectful of our unique relationship and our unique wedding. Hit the jackpot! They let us know that they firmly believe that love is love and they just want to capture our happiness and our day for us. They made my wife feel comfortable which is saying a lot since she had just come out as trans a couple months ago and she absolutely hated photos. They make a great team. Sam is a bundle of energy that has one focus-making things go smoothly and making sure you're happy. Kyle has an artistic point of view that clearly comes across in their finished products of being superb. They were great at dealing with last minute snafu's and helping me navigate everything. Their photos are absolutely brilliant and we could not be more happy with them. They absolutely are worth every single penny. Their professionalism, their personalities, and their work simply can't be matched. Thank you Sam and Kyle!”
- A & L

Let’s get this party started


A few short years after choosing to plan an adventure instead of a wedding, we decided to make some pretty big life changes. 

We sold our stuff, renovated an old RV, renewed our vows in the Montana wilderness, and started traveling. 

We spent years cultivating our business to support couples that 

  • Want something more out of their wedding day
  • Know how they start this new chapter matters
  • Don’t want to be restricted by obligations and traditions

but, choosing to elope changed everything for us.

We don't wanna sound dramatic...

"Sam + Kyle were there every step of the way to capture each special moment. The quality feels unreal, so many great shots to choose from! Having both Sam + Kyle on close-up and wide lenses made a huge difference in the range they were able to capture. Even though we lucked out with excellent weather and lighting, the editing and choice of angles was fantastic. If you have the opportunity to work with them to photograph your experience, don't hesitate. They were incredibly accommodating for our unusually quirky ideas, and felt like friends."
- J & B

We’re here for your adventure

Ready for some fun?

Whatever adventure means to you, we hope you embrace it on your wedding day.

Breakfast in bed, vows cozied up by the fireplace, and stargazing in a hammock - awesome! 

If that means backpacking in Olympic National Park or a jeep tour in Telluride - also awesome

Intention Over Tradition

Come as you are and know that you and your story are celebrated

We celebrate all love and all folks ‘round here. We will always document and celebrate every couple and every love story

Our goal is to always create a safe space for you and your boo to show up 1000% yourselves + feel seen

Celebrate Every Story

You aren’t doing this alone! You’ve got us and our expert knowledge to help you craft an incredible adventure. We work with you to: 

  • Find the perfect locations 
  • Build chill timelies 
  • Connect you with incredible vendors 
  • Provide you with checklists to help you plan
  • Adventure activities to enhance your day

Empower Your Planning

We’ll say it 1000x over. Your experience is EVERYTHING. 

Beautiful photos are a product of an incredible time. We want you to be able to:

  • Soak in each moment of your day.
  • Take your time exploring the most incredible locations. 
  • Have a blast planning your adventure

Your Experience

Our Mission

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“My experience with Sam and Kyle was beyond amazing. My now husband, Nelson, and I found these guys by chance, and I thank all my lucky stars that we did. We are both very down to earth people who didn't want any fuss on our wedding day. We wanted something small, romantic, and without the chaos of family. Elopement was definitely the way for us, so we set our date for 9/13/20. Little did we know, we planned to have our ceremony in the midst of a global pandemic and the Oregon fires. The smoke was super crazy, and we thought we would have to reschedule. However, Sam and Kyle were totally down to get us through. They were so kind, supportive, and wonderful people to have throughout the process. I would recommend them. The pictures came out so gorgeous, and I will never forget the experience they created for us. Truly special.”
- B & N

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