Oregon Coast ELOPEMENT

We’re breaking down everything you need to know for your Oregon Coast elopement Including:

With its rugged coastline, winding scenic highways, lush forests, hidden waterfalls, and charming coastal towns, the Oregon Coast is packed with beautiful locations and adventures that have something for everyone and views that are positively dreamy. IMO, it is one of the best places to elope. As a PNW location that is fairly accessible year-round, we’re pumped to give you a resource to help you plan your perfect Oregon Coast Elopement.

Perks of your Oregon Coast Elopement

  • Beautiful HIKES

An Oregon Coast Elopement is a guaranteed good time and perfect for couples that want a laid-back, but completely epic elopement day. 

It’s perfect for couples who want it all:


Planning an Oregon Coast Elopement in 2024? With it's epic scenery, beautiful lodging, and adventure potential, who could blame ya?! We're local to Oregons northern coast and after years of living and working here, we still find ourselves in complete aw of it's hidden gems, local communities, and the endless inspiration it has to offer. 

We built this guide to help couples considering an Oregon Coast elopement craft a day they'll never forget in a place we feel lucky to call our home base. We can't wait to show you around ;)

So, if you’re planning on tying the knot here, or are still in the process of deciding between an elopement vs. wedding, we wanna give you the insider knowledge to help you craft a day that goes beyond your wildest dreams and is absolutely unforgettable. 

We visited the Oregon Coast years ago and from the moment we glimpsed the jagged coastline with crashing waves and rolling fog, we knew that was it for us. We were in love. After traveling all over the western U.S. we kept coming back to the coast for our couples and our own adventures and decided to make it our home base. After exploring what felt like every inch of it and falling in love over and over again, how could we not? 

We’re Sam + Kyle, Oregon elopement photographers, hype-team, and elopement day BFFs livin’ the dream on the Oregon Coast. 

Your Oregon Coast Elopement Photographers


Those are ONLY four words among the infinite that describe what has happened and our emotions toward it in the last 48 hours. This was the most incredible adventure we possibly could have taken, with you guiding us along the way and bringing an experience like no other; capturing some of our happiest moments in life. I cannot express our gratitude for what you two have done for us since May/June and would not have traded it for the world. You are individuals who see the world, reality, and love the way we do... and understand it in all its complexity. Sam and Kyle. Thank you. For your guidance, your persistence, your sense of adventure, and ultimately the ability to capture our love the way we wanted and ways we didn't know were possible.”
C + J 

You’ll find some suppppper cute lodging here (more on that in a bit) and be pretty close to Portland, Mount Hood, and the Gorge if you want to experience different landscapes. 

  • Cannon Beach
  • Manzanita 
  • Tillamook 
  • Oceanside

Northern Oregon Coast elopement locations

This section of the coast is best for couples wanting to elope in the spring and fall months. 

NGL the summer is CrAzY with tourists and finding privacy or a parking spot can be a real pain. Even on weekdays, it can be absolutely nuts from sunrise to sunset. 

Even though we love the northern region, we need to be V honest with you. 

Spanning from Astoria - Lincoln City, the northern Oregon Coast is what people usually think of when they envision an Oregon Coast Elopement. 

Our home-base is smack in the middle of this region, just south of Cannon, and we totally get why everyone wants to elope here. 

You’ll have the opportunity to explore some incredible tide pools, see some of the most incredible sunsets, and have an absolute blast. 

Northern Oregon Coast elopement

Northern Oregon Coast elopement

In all honesty, there isn’t an ugly place on the coast and it is one of our favorite places to explore. 

There is just something about the jagged cliffs, enchanting lighthouses, and ocean wind that keeps us coming back again and again. 

But, the Oregon Coast is also a lot of territories to cover, so some of our favorite spots to explore and consider for your Oregon Coast elopement:

Where to fly in: You’ll absolutely want to fly into PDX if you’re eloping in the Northern Coast. It’s about a 1.5-2 hour drive and absolutely worth it. 

Additional Reading: Check out this Cannon Beach Elopement Guide + this post about The Best Airbnb Wedding Venues in Oregon

Best Places to Elope on the Oregon Coast


Where to fly in: PDX is still probably the shortest drive depending on your exact location, but you could also fly into Bend and have about the Same drive. 

Central Oregon Coast elopement locations 

The central coast is full of great locations for couples that love to surf, watch for whales, and explore waterfalls, massive dunes, and have one helluva time.

Central Oregon Coast elopement

Central Oregon Coast elopement


Oregon Coast Elopement Tip: We always want to be sure that we're always keepin' it real with our couples and what they can anticipate on their day. If you are hoping for privacy, we'd recommend avoiding the northern part of the coast during the summer months. It gets insane and there are other areas that are just as mind-blowing. 

We make a point to visit each region of the coast each year whether it’s for Oregon coast elopements or our own personal adventures. We’ve spent so much time working for some of the coastal parks, exploring, hiking, tide-pooling, and shooting some EPIC days up and down the west-coast that we have a pretty extensive list of the perfect spots. Check out this post for more of the best places to elope in Oregon, check out this blog we wrote for our sister co.

Where to fly in: If you want to road trip down 101 and spend a day or two exploring the coast, fly into PDX and make the long (6 hours) drive down. 

For a shorter trek, you’ll want to fly into Eugene (about 4 hours). 

  • Brookings
  • Coos Bay
  • Port Orford
  • Gold Beach
  • Pistol River

Southern Oregon Coast elopement locations

As Oregon elopement photographers, this may be our fave section of the coast for couples looking for more privacy. It’s definitely on the more remote side with limited options, but damn does the scenery make up for it. Check out this Samuel H. Boardman elopement we shot. 

Southern Oregon Coast elopement

Southern Oregon Coast elopement

Let's Get Wild!

Mid March - mid/late May

Ideal for: Ideal for: Moody vibes, chilly but not freezing temps, wildflowers in the later months, lots of colors. 

Be mindful of: Stormy weather, colder temps, making room in your timeline for weather backups.

What to expect Oregon Coast Elopement: This is when the wildflowers are POPPING on the coast and you’ll still have quite a bit of that moody weather. The temps will still be chilly, so be sure to plan for layers and snuggle breaks.

Be sure to pack: layers, clear umbrellas, rain coats, waterproof shoes, and a blanket

Spring Oregon Coast Elopement

Mid-November - Mid March

Ideal for: Winter elopements that aren’t keen on snow, all the ICONIC PNW moody vibes, best for couples looking to embrace whatever weather their day throws at them.

Be mindful of: Cold temps, weather drama, building lots of room in your timeline to schedule.

What to expect Oregon Coast Elopement: If you want a moody, iconic PNW elopement you’ll get it during the winter. You can anticipate more storms, more fog, and to be V chilly during these months. Plan plenty of snuggle breaks through your day to stay warm and keep the morale high.

Be sure to pack: Layers, hand warmers, extra socks, warm footwear, cozy blankets.

Winter Oregon Coast Elopement

September - Early November

Ideal for: Mild temps, early morning and evening moodiness, fewer crowds in the later season.

Be mindful of: Potential storms, especially later in the season, and crowds on weekends

What to expect Oregon Coast Elopement: Earlier in the fall, you may still have plenty of sunny days. The potential for moody weather increases the later you get into the fall. The temps are perfect and the further you get from summer, the more crowds tend to ease up a bit. For popular locations, you’ll still want to aim for a weekday elopement if privacy is an important aspect of your day. As Oregon elopement photographers, this is probs our fave season here.

Be sure to pack: Sunscreen, extra layers, cozy blankets.

Fall Oregon Coast Elopement

Late May - Early September 

Ideal for: Low tides, warmer temps, sunshine, and outdoor activities.

Be mindful of: Large crowds, wildfire season, high temps in the later months

What to expect for your Oregon Coast Elopement: Great weather, killer sunsets, crowds on the more popular beaches. You’ll want to plan your time in public spaces around sunrise and sunset. This is not only when the lighting will be banging, but is also when the beaches will be less crowded. During the summer months, we strongly suggest choosing a weekday for your elopement to ensure privacy. You may also experience lower tides than other seasons!

Be sure to pack: Sunscreen, chapstick with SPF, and plenty of water.

Summer Oregon Coast Elopement

If you’re not familiar with the Oregon Coast, you may believe the rumors that Oregon is dreary and moody year-round, but during certain seasons the coast sees a ton of sunshine. We’ll break down what to expect during each season so you know what type of weather to plan for during your Oregon Coast Elopement. Unlike many other Oregon locations, the coast is accessible year-round which is another reason it's one of the best places to elope in Oregon.  

The Best Season for your Oregon Coast Elopement

Let’s Chat!

If you choose a weekend for your Oregon Coast elopement, there are a few tips you can use to help make things a little more private, but it’s important to have realistic expectations about what your day may look like. During the busy season, you can anticipate crowds, limited parking, and will want to have buffer time added to each element of your day.

weekend oregon coast elopement

weekday Oregon coast elopement

NGL, We will always vote for a weekday when planning an Oregon Coast elopement on public lands. For the best chances for privacy, we recommend Tuesday-Thursday to avoid any folks enjoying a three-day weekend. 

Choosing the best day for your Oregon Coast Elopement

Sunset Oregon coast elopement

Sunrise Oregon coast elopement

best time of day for your oregon coast elopement

Starting your Oregon Coast elopement at sunrise is an excellent call. The lighting is super even and incredibly flattering. You’ll definitely experience more privacy at sunrise than any other time of the day. 

Sunset is another time where you’ll experience killer light and fewer crowds for your Oregon Coast Elopement. This is a great time to plan a romantic picnic on the beach or have a small beach fire where they’re allowed.


Let’s Chat!

Embrace this aspect of exploring public lands and reserve your ceremony for a location that you know will be private, like at your super cute Airbnb or private campsite.  

Oregon Coast elopement tip #3

Choose sunrise and early morning hours for your Oregon Coast elopement. There will definitely be fewer folks out earlier in the morning. We recommend starting around blue-hour (the hour before sunrise) and explore until the crowds start to trickle in.

oregon coast elopement tip #2

Choose a location that isn’t super popular for your Oregon Coast elopement. This won’t promise you fewer crowds, but choosing a spot that isn’t as popular as some of the more iconic coast locations can help you encounter fewer folks. 

Oregon coast elopement tip #1

top tips for your  Oregon Coast Elopement


Now THAT is what an Oregon Coast Elopement could look like! Your wedding day is SO MUCH more than a quick ceremony with a few portraits after!

Oregon Coast Elopement TIP: When creating your timeline, always make sure there is plenty of "buffer time", sprinkle in some downtime, and moments for you and your partner to have some time with just the two of you. The last thing you want is to feel stressed about a schedule or so tired you can't enjoy the day. 

5:00AM | Your Oregon elopement photographers meet you at your lodging and get some super sweet photos of you two having coffee together, reading sweet notes from your friends and fam, and enjoying some sweet quiet moments together. This is a great time to share space together and set some intentions for the day.

5:30AM | Finish getting ready: This is a great time for individual portraits and capturing sweet details from your day that you’ve put a ton of thought and effort into- rings, attire, announcements, vows, and any other important details that tell the story of your day.

6:00AM | Have your first look outside of your airbnb and get ready to head to your location.

6:30 | Head to your trail head and get ready to adventure. 

7:00AM | Catch the first rays of sunrise hitting the waves, count all the fishing boats slicing through the water, and if the season is right, see if you can spot any whales. Find the perfect spot and exchange your vows.

8:00AM | Grab some well-deserved breakfast at a local spot and chow down on some killer pancakes while soaking in the ocean views.

9:00 | After fueling up, head out for a change of scenery and check out some of the gorgeous forest hikes surrounding the coast. We’ll tag a long (obvi) and capture each moment.

11:00 | Find the perfect spot for a yummy picnic and crack open your favorite celebratory beverage to celebrate.

12:00 | Head back to your airbnb, take the scenic route and be sure to stop at all of the scenic pullouts that are everywhere on HWY 101.

1:00 | Back at your AirBnB, take some time to rest, FaceTime your favorite folks, and bask in that just married having the best day of our lives feeling. If you’re wanting to do something awesome like an outdoor activity, or getting tattoos to commemorate your insanely awesome day.

6:00 | Head back out to the coast for a killer dinner and epic sweets. 

6:30 | Find the perfect spot to dine and soak in the views as the sun starts to dip into the ocean. 

7:00 | When blue hour hits, build a sweet little fire to keep you warm and cozy while you gaze at the stars.

Here’s a sample timeline for an Oregon Coast elopement to help you brainstorm what your ideal day may look like:

Oregon Coast Elopement Timeline example

TBH there are sooo many factors and logistics that go into building a thoughtful timeline. We talk a lot about this with our couples to really get a sense of their preferences a build a timeline that feels chill and purposeful. You can read more about our thoughts, and tips on this blog about crafting an elopement timeline.

Your timeline for your Oregon coast elopement depends a lot on what you’re wanting to experience on your day, how much ground you’re wanting to cover, and your preferred pace. Your day deserves just as much coverage as a traditional wedding day, and it's pretty common for an elopement to span an entire day. However, the way you spend your time is super different in comparison. Oregon coast elopement timelines are built to allow room for spontaneity, a chill pace, and are focused on allowing you to soak in the day. 

Your Oregon Coast Elopement Timeline 

We Want This Day!

Prioritize Materials that won’t weigh you down during your Oregon Coast elopement. 

Strolling on the beach is all fun and games until the bottom seam of the mesh underlining of your dress fills with sand, and becomes a sandbag. Also, flowy materials make for some of the most EPIC images. 

Oregon Coast Elopement tip #3

Keep in mind the activities you plan on doing for your Oregon Coast elopement. 

Make sure that whatever you choose to wear on your elopement day allows for plenty of movement and that you’ll be able to do everything you want with ease and comfort.

Oregon Coast Elopement Tip #2

Consider the weather and season for your Oregon Coast elopement. 

You’ll want to be sure that your wedding attire will allow for layering in the chillier seasons, or that what you’re wearing for your Oregon Coast Elopement.

Oregon Coast Elopement Tip #1

There are a few things you’ll want to consider when deciding on what you’d like to wear for your Oregon Coast Elopement.

What to wear for your Oregon Coast elopement 

Check out this post from our buddies for more elopement dress inspo!

Go through these questions together and really take stock of what each of you want to experience for your day. 

Visualize your Oregon Coast Elopement, consider how you want to feel throughout the day and the memories you want to be able to look back on. 

Having a clear vision of what you want your day to look like and the adventures you want to have is how you create an unforgettable experience. 

Build a day that resonates with your unique preferences and personalities.

Customs and Traditions:

  • Are there specific customs or traditions you'd like to include in your Oregon Coast elopement ceremony or celebration, whether cultural or personal?

Wildlife Encounters:

  • Are you interested in wildlife encounters? Whether it's birdwatching, whale watching, or exploring tidal pools during your Oregon Coast elopement?

Tangible Memories:

  • Do you want to create any keepsakes or memorabilia during your elopement day, such as exchanging letters, creating a time capsule, or getting matching tattoos?

Chill Time:

  • How do you envision moments of relaxation and intimacy throughout your Oregon Coast elopement? 
  • Are you interested in quiet moments by the fire, reading letters from loved ones, or simply enjoying the scenery together?

Local Experiences:

  • Do you want to include any local experiences, such as local adventure guides like horseback riding on the beach, fat-tire biking, or sea kayaking?

Culinary Preferences:

  • What type of food experiences would you like to have during your Oregon Coast elopement? 
  • Are you interested in a private chef, a beach picnic, dining at a local restaurant with ocean views, or snagging a pizza and eating on the beach?

Arts and Creativity:

  • Are there artistic or creative activities you both enjoy? Are you considering incorporating elements like painting, music, or a poetry reading into your day?

Interests and Hobbies:

  • What are your shared interests and hobbies? How can these be incorporated into your Oregon Coast elopement? (e.g., hiking, surfing, dancing, cooking together, making mock/cocktails, stargazing)

Seasonal Preferences:

  • What season resonates with you the most for your Oregon Coast elopement? Do you prefer the warm sunshine of summer, the moody atmosphere of fall, the dramatic winter vibes, or the blossoming beauty of spring?
  • Are there any activities you’re hoping to include that are weather or season dependent?

Incorporating Natural Elements:

  • What natural elements do you want to incorporate into your Oregon Coast elopement? 
  • Are you wanting to explore a variety of landscapes and beaches? 

Ideal Adventure Level:

  • How would you describe your ideal adventure level for your Oregon Coast Elopement? 
  • For your Oregon Coast elopement, are you envisioning a more relaxed day or a more adventurous, action-packed experience?

Here are some questions we want you to ask yourselves to decide what you want to fill your day with. 

Prompts to help you decide on activities for your Oregon Coast Elopement

This is the really fun part! You can fill your day with LITERALLY whatever you want! We’ll give you a list of ideas to help you get started brainstorming what your perfect Oregon Coast elopement looks like. 

This is all about getting super honest with yourselves about what you want to prioritize on your elopement day. 

Yes, you can absolutely focus on epic hikes and adrenaline pumping activities, but if that isn’t your vibe, then DON’T have it as part of your day. 

What to do for your Oregon Coast elopement

Additional Reading: Check out this resource from our fave Colorado Elopement Photographers on how to make your elopement special.


Activities for your Oregon Coast Elopement:

Here’s a quick list of some of the adventures you could have during your Oregon Coast Elopement:

Adventurous Oregon Coast Elopement Activities

Chill Oregon Coast Elopement Activities

  • Sea Kayaking 
  • Surfing 
  • Go horseback riding on the beach or through an ancient forest 
  • Ride ATVs through some massive dunes 
  • Explore some gorgeous hikes 
  • Take a helicopter ride 

  • Have a fancy pic-nic on the beach
  • Cuddle up at a cozy lil’ bonfire
  • Go tidepooling 
  • Star-gaze 
  • Whale-watching 
  • Get a couples massage 

Vibey Oregon Coast Elopement Activities

  • Walk through a rainforest 
  • Explore a rocky beach 
  • Go for a wine tasting 
  • Chase some waterfalls 
  • Take a sunrise hot air-balloon ride over the Willamette 
  • Get tattoos in your wedding attire 
  • Explore the Redwoods 
  • Soak in some hot springs
  • Sip some coffee on a cliff overlooking the Pacific


“Sam and Kyle are not just photographers. They really help construct a once-in-a-lifetime experience. They created a day for us that was beyond magical. It was a day of intention, thoughtfulness, presence and all good energy and that was 100% because of them and their planning and preparation. They put a lot of work into understanding who me and my partner were to ensure a day that was right for us and what we wanted. They were extremely easy going and made us feel so comfortable when it came to our concerns, questions and even last minute change requests. Additionally, Sam helped me feel my best and most beautiful throughout the day. And Kyle went out of his way to make sure they were capturing the most creative shots for us. 


Principle 7: Be considerate of others: It can be difficult to share these spaces on your wedding day, but allowing others to experience and recreate in these public areas is super important. We have plenty of tips to help you avoid crowds, but in beautiful, public spaces, there is always the possibility of running into others.

Principle 6: Respect wildlife: Tide pools are incredible to observe, but never meant to be touched or tampered with.

Principle 5: Minimize campfire impacts: Curling up by a fire on the beach where they are allowed is a super fun way to end your wedding day. Be sure to research where beach fires are allowed, what permits you need, and how you can ensure that your fire is completely and properly extinguished. 

Principle 4: Leave what you find: This one applies heavily to the coast. It can be really tempting to take shells, pretty rocks, or sand dollars as souvenirs, but these ecosystems are incredibly fragile and it is best to leave them untouched.

Principle 3: Dispose of waste properly: Whatever you bring in, be sure that you can pack it out. Be prepared to take your trash with you and dispose of waste properly. 

Principle 2: Travel and camp on durable surfaces: On the coast, there are often signs of where you are not allowed to be. Be sure to respect those areas, they are off-limits for a reason.

Principle 1: Plan ahead and prepare: Basically, have a plan of where you want to go and ensure that you've acquired the necessary permits, prepare for different weather scenarios and adverse environmental factors.

When planning your Oregon Coast elopement and exploring these spaces, it is extremely important to familiarize yourself with the environmental considerations you should keep in mind so that these places are accessible for decades to come. Practicing the seven principles of Leave No Trace can help reduce the impact of an Oregon Coast elopement on these public lands. 

It’s our responsibility to make sure that we’re doing our best to keep the coast open, accessible, and enjoyable. We love our job, and definitely rely heavily on public lands for our work, but we also want these spaces around for YOU to be able to return to anniversary after anniversary. These lands are sacred and we’re only visitors, it’s important for us to treat them as such during your Oregon Coast elopement.

Leave No trace Principles for the Oregon Coast 

Let's Do This!

Let's Do This!

In a nutshell, a permit isn't needed for an Oregon Coast elopement. This answer can definitely change depending on a few factors:

- If you are planning on using any structures, such as arches or seating, for your Oregon Coast elopement, you will likely need a permit. 

- If you have a large group with you for your Oregon Coast elopement, you may need a permit. Currently groups of 50+ will require a permit.

The safest bet is always to contact the permitting office and double-check that your Oregon Coast elopement plans don't require a permit. You can access their website here.

Remember, permits are not issued May-September (peak season), and planning an Oregon Coast elopement with a larger guest count or structure needs may be best suited for the off-season. 

Typically, if your elopement is pretty low-key you'll most likely not need a permit. If your guest count exceeds 50, or has any kind of structures (like arches, chairs, or tables), you'll need a permit for your wedding day.

 Do you Need a permit to elope on the Oregon Coast? 


You'll need two witnesses to sign your marriage license for your Oregon Coast elopement. 

  • Even if your Oregon Coast elopement is "just the two of you" (and your Oregon elopement photographers) finding two witnesses is easy peasy. 
  • We can both sign as your witnesses! If Sam is serving as your officiant, Kyle is able to sign as a witness, and on the Oregon Coast finding a fellow adventurer is easy. In our experience, folks are always mega pumped to sign as a witness for our couples, so definitely don’t stress about this detail. 

Oregon Marriage Laws and Witnesses 

You can apply for this through your county clerk's website. 

Your fee will likely be $50-$65. 
Oregon does have a 3 day waiting period, so plan your Oregon Coast elopement travel accordingly. You can also check with your county to see if you can pay an additional fee to have this waived. 
Your marriage license will be valid for 60 days.

Oregon Marriage License

Who can officiate a wedding in Oregon? 

Here’s what you’ll need:

The process for how to elope in Oregon is super simple and makes eloping an absolute breeze. Check out this blog for more details on how to get married in Oregon.

Oregon Marriage Laws: 

To make sure you're eloping by the book, we'll break down what you'll need to make sure your marriage is legally sound for your Oregon Coast Elopement. 

Legally elope on the oregon coast

Oregon does require an officiant to legalize your marriage. 

  • The state of Oregon does recognize those ordained through the Universal Life Church (this is who Sam is ordained through).
  • Becoming ordained through the ULC is insanely easy (and free), so if there is a friend or family member that you'd like to have perform your ceremony, they can! 
  • If you're wanting your Oregon Coast Elopement to be "just the two of you", Sam is ordained and can legally sign your Oregon marriage license so you can have a private Oregon Coast elopement. 
  • There are also some really incredible officiants in Oregon and we'd love to help you connect! 


Building a budget that fits your vision and your wallet is wayyyy easier than a tradish wedding budget. You can keep things super simple if you’re looking to save, or go all out with your experience. 

On average, couples spend around 11,000 on their Oregon Coast Elopement if they go all out, and depending on if they have guests joining them. 

This can obviously be tweaked to fit your vision, and we’d encourage you to put your dollars towards the things that you value for your wedding day. 

Here are some things couples eloping on the Oregon Coast typically include on their elopement: 

  • Officiant
  • Marriage License
  • Attire
  • Details (vow books, rings, etc.)
  • Venue 
  • Photographer
  • Hair and Makeup
  • Videographer
  • Private Chef
  • Bonfire Service
  • Picnic service
  • Florist 
  • Lodging

While every budget is different and travel costs will obviously vary, this little budget breakdown will help give you an idea of what to plan for when budgeting for your Oregon Coast elopement. 

How Much to Budget for your Oregon Coast Elopement 


“WOW. We wish we could leave a 10 star review for Sam and Kyle! My (now husband) and I were searching for the right photographer on the central Oregon coast for our private elopement. After reaching out to many, we scheduled a phone call with Sam+ Kyle. We immediately noticed how much these two truly care about your wishes for your special day(s). They want to work WITH you and made our sessions so natural. They are extremely prompt with communication + planning, and having two skilled photographers working with you makes a world of difference as well. Sam and Kyle spent a couple of days with us on the Oregon coast, multiple adventure sessions and included sweetest moments with our new daughter as well. We will cherish our photos from The Dropped Pin, and our friendship with Sam + Kyle, forever! If you’re looking to step out of the traditional wedding box and do it your own way, hire them." 


Below the falls lodge in Coos Bay

Crook Point in Pistol River 

Wild coast lookout in Gold Beach 

The Heartland Treehouse in Langlois 

This beautiful, modern home in Bandon

Where to Stay on the Southern Coast for your Oregon Coast Elopement:

This cabin in Yahachts

This home in Florence  

This gorgeous cottage in Junction City

Bay Point Landing 

Where to Stay on the Central Coast for your Oregon Coast Elopement:

Where to Stay on the Northern Coast for your Oregon Coast Elopement:

Oregon Coast Elopement TIP 1: Make sure there is plenty of natural lighting. This will make your getting ready photos look amazing. 

Oregon Coast Elopement TIP 2: Find a spot that is tidy, simple, and has touches that feel unique and appealing to you. 

Oregon Coast Elopement TIP 3: If you're having your ceremony at your lodging, check with your host to make sure they allow for events!

Tips for Choosing a Place to Stay for your Oregon Coast Elopement

Where to stay on the Oregon Coast 

There are so many charming places to stay on the Oregon Coast and having a cute and cozy spot to get ready at, and rest can have a huge impact on your elopement day. 

You can obviously check out hotels in the town you'll be staying in, but if you're wanting something a little more picturesque and private, consider checking out some local stays on Airbnb, VRBO, or Hipcamp to find unique stays that are perfect for your trip. 

We are also happy to send lodging recommendations based on your elopement location. 

If you're looking for an airbnb wedding venue in Oregon, check out this helpful post from our sister company!

Let's talk!

Here are some vendors to consider aside from your adventure elopement photographers are: 

Florist: Beautiful florals can add such a unique storytelling element to your day and are an opportunity to add some vibey elements to your day. Here's a few we LOVE:

Officiant: If you feel more comfortable being led through your ceremony, having an officiant to help you craft and facilitate your ceremony can be a game changer. 

Private Chef: Always have a plan for food for your elopement! With an Oregon Coast elopement, you’re not paying for dinner for a ton of guests, so if you want to splurge and have an incredible meal prepared for you to enjoy during your Oregon Coast elopement you’ll want to team up with someone that can make it happen. 

Lux Pic-nic: Maybe you want to have a luxury picnic for a midday re-fuel, or have a beautiful bonfire set up ready for you as you enjoy a nightcap after your Oregon Coast elopement. Hiring a picnic service can be such a cool experience for your day. Here are some folks to check out:

Videographer: Adding a videographer to your elopement team can give you a whole new way to relive your Oregon Coast elopement. 

Hair & Makeup: Bringing in a HAMUA into your day can be an incredible way to help you feel like the most beautiful version of yourself. Your makeup artist will know exactly how to make sure your *lewk* stays fresh during your Oregon Coast elopement and will help guide you when choosing hairstyles for your adventures and the weather you’ll experience. Here are some of our faves: 

Which vendors you decide on depends so much on the vision that you have for your elopement day. 

We are always super excited to share some of our favorite vendors with you if you're not sure where to start!

Putting together the perfect team for your elopement is super important. You want to make sure that your team understands and supports your vision.

 Vendors for your Oregon Coast Elopement

What to eat on your Oregon Coast elopement day:

Making sure you're well-fed on your elopement day should be a high priority. Most coastal towns will have some killer local restaurants, but there are definitely some additional options if you're looking to do something different. Here are a few ideas to help you plan:

  • Hire a private chef to cook you and your boo an unforgettable meal
  • Plan a custom charcuterie board for a sunset on the beach
  • Pack a pic-nic and enjoy it cuddled up by a beach fire
  • Grab a pizza and some yummy beer and enjoy while star-gazing


what to pack for your oregon coast elopement

While we'll send you a customized packing list for your Oregon Coast elopement, here are some things you'll absolutely want to bring:

  • Your Oregon marriage license 
  • Wedding attire 
  • Vow books
  • Sunscreen 
  • water 
  • Snacks
  • Blue-tooth speaker 
  • Rings 
  • Clear umbrellas 
  • Layers 
  • Beach towels 
  • Cozy blankets



“Sam & Kyle are the BEST! We decided to go the elopement route and didn't know where to start, but found them and had our first call and they were so helpful and made us feel at ease. We only had a couple months to get everything ready but they knew exactly what they were doing. A couple of days before our ceremony we had to change our plans due to some bad weather and they were so accommodating and we made it work! I seriously couldn't have asked for a better day. Sam always wanted to make sure the day was what we wanted and never strayed from that, we never had to do anything that we didn't feel comfortable with. You couldn't ask for a better team than Sam & Kyle!”

M + Q

We always work as a team and bring different strengths and perspectives to the table. You’ll have both of us supporting you, keepin’ your day on-track, and taking beautiful photos. 

We strike a balance between documentary style and gentle direction so that you have the freedom to really soak in your day and feel confident that you look amazing.

Two photographers that strike the perfect balance between hyping you up and giving you space during your Oregon Coast Elopement:

If it’s just the two of you, you won’t need a permit, but if you’re planning something larger or have some specific decor in mind, we’ll help you navigate the permit process for your Oregon coast elopement. 

Assistance with permits for your Oregon Coast Elopement: 

We’ll be real, we wish we had us when we decided to elope. All we knew was that we wanted to get married without a wedding, but had nooo idea just how incredible our elopement day could be. Don’t get us wrong, we loved our elopement day, but it would have looked very different if we had someone there to help us dream bigger, figure out logistics, and prioritize what we really wanted. 

We give you multiple planning resources to support you through each piece of the planning process. Here’s a quick list of some of what you can expect. 

Choose Your Own Adventure Guide: This guide is here to help you get super intentional about your day and build a clear vision to come back to as your planning your Oregon Coast elopement. 

How to Elope Guide: Prettttyy much everything you need to know about eloping. This baby is jam packed with all our knowledge from years of helping couples craft intentional elopements. 

Planning Questionnaires: This is how we make the magic happen! These questionnaires dig deep and are detail oriented so we can help you plan a day that checks all of your boxes. 

Planning Resources that go wayyyy beyond the norm for your Oregon Coast Elopement: 

We know that planning an elopement can come with a lot of questions, variables, and logistics. Through the entire planning process, we’re here for you. We’ll have scheduled calls to make sure everything is on track, that you and your partner are feelin’ good, and that you feel supported through the entire process. 

These planning calls are not only to make the planning process easy-peasy, but to also continue to build a relationship so that you feel comfy in front of our cameras during your Oregon Coast elopement.

Planning Calls for your Oregon Coast Elopement:

As you probs know by now, we’re invested in your ENTIRE experience and thoughtfully crafted elopement timeline is how we put it all together. 

We’ll build an elopement timeline that considers all the logistics, light, and activities for your day. So that you don’t have to put the puzzle together on your own. We make a point to make sure you NEVER feel rushed and have plenty of time to always soak each piece of the day in. 

Timeline curation for your Oregon Coast Elopement: 

This isn’t just a general list of locations, nah baby it’s wayyyy more personalized than that. 

We’ll curate a unique and personalized location guide based on your preferences, hopes and dreams, and the vision you have for your day. 

Our location guides include:
Detailed locations (duh) with images. 
The accessibility of each location including parking info, fees, and where the nearest restrooms are   
When the best lighting is
Logistics to consider
Distance from your lodging, or the nearest town to book your lodging
Local activities and places to check out 
Vendors that serve the area 
Lodging suggestions

Basically, this takes care of so many of the big picture planning pieces. When we say this will save you so much stress We create an in-depth guide so that you aren't spending hours on google and are able to get a clear idea of what each location could look like. 

Location scouting for your Oregon Coast Elopement:

Here’s what all our Oregon Coast Elopement Packages include: 

Our Oregon Coast Elopement Packages 

And so much more to make your Oregon Coast Elopement unforgettable and unique:

We always work as a team and bring different strengths and perspectives to the table. You’ll have both of us supporting you, keepin’ your day on-track, and taking beautiful photos. 

We strike a balance between documentary style and gentle direction so that you have the freedom to really soak in your day and feel confident that you look amazing.

After living out on the coast and exploring so many hidden gems, we have a ton of info we cannot wait to share with you! Let’s create a day that you’ll never forget. 

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