Mount Rainier Elopement | Info You Need & Mistakes to Avoid 

Mount Rainier Elopement Pros & Cons | Is it right for you?

While we love helping couples plan their Mt. Rainier elopement, it’s not the perfect fit for every couple. 

Where you choose to exchange vows is incredibly important. We encourage our couples to choose locations with intention and can provide the experience that they envision for their wedding day. And while Mt. Rainier is one of our favorite National Parks of all-time, we know that there are a ton of logistics to consider when deciding if it is the right place for your elopement. 

While we love helping couples plan their Mt. Rainier elopement, it’s not the perfect fit for every couple. 

Where you choose to exchange vows is incredibly important. We encourage our couples to choose locations with intention and can provide the experience that they envision for their wedding day. And while Mt. Rainier is one of our favorite National Parks of all-time, we know that there are a ton of logistics to consider when deciding if it is the right place for your elopement. 

M T R A I  N I  E R

We’ll also cover all the steps of planning your Mt. Rainier Elopement,

in detail.



Choose your Mt. Rainier elopement locations



Apply for your permit + Prepare to Leave No Trace



Book your travel



Get your marriage license

  • Getting your Special Use Permit (required for all park ceremonies)here

  • Check park updates and road closures here

  • Get your national park pass to make park entrance easy-peasy here

  • Elope on a weekday for less crowds 

  • For the most predictable weather elope in July-Early September (be ready for crowds) 

  • For more privacy elope mid September - mid October 

  • Focus on sunrise and sunset for the best light and more privacy 


Along with some super helpful tips like:

Basically, by the time you’re done reading this bad boy, you’ll be ready to make some big decisions like:

Is a Mount Rainier Elopement Right for you?

Dang we’re starting out with the big question! But, let’s be totally honest here - At the end of the day, you’re really the only one who can decide if a Mount Rainier elopement is right for you. HOWEVER, you need some information to make that decision!

Our goal with this guide is to provide you with some hard-earned information and real Mount Rainier elopement experiences.

We’re going to cover a lot of ground here and give you plenty of considerations to sit with and decide if a Mount Rainier elopement is what truly suits you and if this is a location that will give you the experience you’re hoping for.

Beyond covering this info, we’re also here to help break down the big considerations of a Mount Rainier Elopement and offer up some comprehensive guidance to help you create a day that truly celebrates and represents you and your partner.

But wait, there’s more

Hi!! We’re Sam + Kyle, Washington Elopement Photographers that spend most of our time adventuring in the PNW. We’re here to help you and your partner plan a wedding day that prioritizes your experience through not only your day, but the planning process.

As you craft your day, you’ll have us by your side, providing resources to help you create a wedding day that is rooted in intention and prioritizes sustainability.

Meet Your Mount Rainier Elopement Photographers

Here’s What We Mean by That…

We love celebrating our couples on these public lands, and it is so important that we continuously work to protect these parks and help couples plan wedding days that have minimal impact on our public lands. In our experience, the best way to do this is through empowering couples planning an adventure elopement with vital information.

  1. They want a day that is focused on the two of them
  2. They love the outdoors and want to make the most important commitment of their lives in a space that holds meaning for them
  3. They don’t want to be the center of attention and deeply value privacy

Most couples that choose to have an adventure elopement are doing so for a variety reasons:

Before you decide if a Mount Rainier elopement is for you, you’ll want to have a semi-clear idea of what you want your entire elopement experience to be like.

That does not mean you have to have any logistics figured out - This is more about determining what you as a couple really value for your elopement day and what your priorities are.

Mount Rainier elopement | What Kind of Experience Do You Want?

When you choose to get married without a wedding, it could be any, all, or none of these reasons. Maybe you just want an epic view as you tie the knot and have a hint of adventure. Maybe you just want to vacation somewhere beautiful and exchange vows there because you’d rather spend your hard-earned money on an experience. There are no wrong answers here!

Q: Why do you and your partner want to elope?

Answering this question can give you somewhat of a compass to come back to as you’re deciding if a Mount Rainier elopement is right for you.

a) Epic views 
b) Privacy
c) Accessible adventures

Q: What is most important to you for your experience?

In a perfect world, you’d get all three, but in National Parks, particularly ones as epic as Mount Rainier, you can usually aim to have two!

Pro Tip: 

There’s nothing like a good ‘ole pros and cons list, to help you make some tough decisions. So, we’ve put one together to help you decide if a Mount Rainier elopement is right for you.

With each pro and drawback, we give you allll the info you need to make the most out of your Mt. Rainier elopement.

Want some extra planning inspo for your Mt. Rainier Elopement?


Eloping in a National Park is a different ballgame and requires a lot of consideration and logistics to make sure things go smoothly, and these places are well cared for. We pinky-promise that working with folks that are well-versed in National Park elopements (even if it’s not us)will make all the difference.

Pro Tip: 

If you have the right support, planning a Mt. Rainier elopement is pretty simple!

Our biggest recommendation is to hire your Washington elopement photographers (hiiii!) first. We know it seems a little silly, but having an expert to support you through the planning process can determine your entire experience. Having the right team supporting you makes a HUGE difference in how easy the planning process is.

Planning A Mt. Rainier Elopement | Pro

  1. Are they familiar with the current permit process and requirements? These can change quickly and it’s important that they are up to date on the current requirements and policies. 
  2. Are they familiar with the Leave No Trace Principles and the specific sustainability protocols for Mount Rainier National Park?
  3. What’s their experience Shooting elopements in Mount Rainier?
  4. How will they support you as you plan your Mt. Rainier elopement?

Here are some things to consider when chatting with Washington elopement photographers for your Mt. Rainier elopement.

Planning A Mt. Rainier Elopement | Hiring Your Mt. Rainier Elopement Photographer

Not all photographers offer this level of support, so it’s important to ask!

  • Suggest locations that fit your vision and your desired accessibility  
  • Curate resources to help them craft a stress-free day rooted in intention
  • Support them through the permit process
  • Guidance with obtaining marriage license 
  • Vendor, lodging, and activity recommendations 
  • An intentionally curated elopement timeline 
  • Supportive calls through the planning process
  • Annnd super chill, yet fun coverage on your elopement day. 

For reference, Here’s how we support our couples:

Mount Rainier National Park is obviously stunning. Mount Rainier provides a huge variety of elopement locations.

Mt. Rainier Elopement Locations | Pro

There are stunning forested trails in Mt. Rainier that will also give you gorgeous views. Ranging from 1-2ish miles, these trails are also rated as easy.


Mt. Rainier is home to some seriously stunning, easy to get to waterfalls. Some of the most scenic falls are the easiest to get to and make for incredible ceremony locations.


Mt. Rainier is known for its STUNNING subalpine lakes. While some require a bit of hiking, others can be accessed by some light walking. One of our favorites is particularly stunning at sunset and has some INCREDIBLE night sky views. What a way to end your wedding day!


Summertime in Mt. Rainier means wildflowers and boy oh boy is this place popping off with them!There are tons of trails that will offer up gorgeous wildflowers, mountain views, and stunning lakes…You know in case you can't pick just one view!


Mt. Rainier National Park is home to 4 different fire lookouts. One is a relatively short hike, but contains a lot of elevation gain. You can even book one of these to stay in!


There are tons of trails that will give you incredible views of Mt. Rainier. You don’t have to log a ton of miles to have this beauty as your backdrop. There are plenty of easy-peasy hikes that will give you stellar views, walk up locations, pullouts with views, and longer hikes to get you more privacy.


When deciding on the accessibility needs for your day, consider the following:

The incredible views and scenery that Mount Rainier offers up can all be accessed with different difficulty levels. Some are a quick jaunt, others require some hiking, and for optimum privacy and adventurous experience some views require a difficult hike.

Mt. Rainier Elopement Locations | Accessibility

  • How much hiking or driving are you wanting to do on your wedding day?
  • If guests are joining you, what are their capabilities? 
  • What are seasonal conditions like that you may need to take into consideration?

There are guest count limits on each Mt. Rainier elopement location, so when you are looking at locations, consider the amount of folks that will be joining you. 
If you have a particularly large group, you’ll want to reserve an amphitheater for your ceremony. Alternatively you could host your ceremony at a location that can sustainably handle a larger group. 
We particularly love Crystal Mountain Resort. After a morning with just the two of you, you and your guests can take a scenic gondola ride and get married in front of Mount Rainier as the sun sets behind the mountains. 

Mt. Rainier Elopement Locations | Guest Count Limitations

Mount Rainier National Park is surrounded by some of the most incredible National Forests that have endless locations off the beaten path for you to consider for your Mount Rainier elopement. These can be really awesome to consider when choosing your backup locations. 

Depending on the details of your adventure elopement, obtaining a permit for a National Forest elopement can be an easier process (if one is needed at all). 

Both Gifford Pinchot and Mount Saint Helens are located right next to Mount Rainier. You can explore old growth forests, waterfalls, and stunning mountain views while avoiding the crowds of the National Park. It’s important to know that National Forest territories will have less amenities, so you’ll want to be extra prepared for this!

Mt. Rainier Elopement Locations | Outside of the National Park

Need Some Mount Rainier Wedding Venue Inspo?


There are some incredible places to stay in and around Mount Rainier National Park. Where you choose to stay for your elopement is so important! This is where you’ll get ready on your wedding day and where you’ll end your first day of being married. 

You’ll want to decide on a location before booking your lodging. Mount Rainier is HUGE and you don't want to book lodging on the opposite side of the park and end up driving 3 hours to a location. 

To give you even more guidance, we’ll break down the main park entrances and the town closest to them.

Where to stay for your Mount Rainier Elopement | Pro

June - October

June - October

Open Year Round

Open Year Round

Packwood, WA

Greenwater, WA & Enumclaw, WA

Fairfax, WA

Ashford, WA





Stevens Canyon

White River/Sunrise

Carbon River



Nearest Town:



Want more Mount Rainier elopement Locations?


Paradise Inn: Located in the Paradise area with stunning views of Mount Rainier.

National Park Inn: Historical lodge located near the Nisqually entrance and open year-round. Gorgeous views of Mount Rainier and a charming little restaurant. 

Mountain Meadows Inn: Located in Ashford near the Nisqually entrance of the park with 6 suits available to guests year-round. This Inn has a few more amenities than the lodges located directly in the park.

Where to stay for your Mt. Rainier Elopement | Stay in Mount Rainier National Park

Cougar Rock Campground: If you want to have a super fun camp sesh with your wedding crew, you can book a group site! According to, you can book the group sites at Cougar Rock between Memorial Day weekend and Columbus Day. You can make reservations here.

Ohanapecosh Campground: Also has a group site! According to, you can book the group sites at Cougar Rock between Memorial Day weekend and Columbus Day. You can make reservations here.

Where to stay for your Mt. Rainier Elopement | Campgrounds in Mount Rainier National Park

Where to stay for your Mt. Rainier Elopement | Outside of Mount Rainier National Park

What kind of elopement day BFF’s would we be if we didn't give you a few lodging recommendations to check out and give you some serious inspo?!

when looking for lodging, consider spaces that aren’t cluttered, have natural lighting, and surroundings that you love. Your lodging may make a perfect spot for a first look, post-elopement festivities, or even a private ceremony.

Pro Tip: 

Outside of the park you’ll have a ton of options to choose from when booking your lodging. Take time to look around and find a space that fits the vibe you’re going for and represents the two of you. When looking for lodging near the Mount Rainier National Park, there are a ton of super cute options in the Packwood and Ashford areas.

This Modern Cabin

A-frame of mind Cabin with hot tub

Little Owl Cabin with Hot Tub

This house near Mount Rainier Ski area

This V cozy A frame minutes from Rainier

This large cabin perfect for guests

This stunning treehouse



Greenwater + Enumclaw



If you’re wanting the amenities that a big city has to offer and don’t mind driving, there are plenty of stays in Seattle and Tacoma. Granted, you’ll be driving significantly longer distances, but you’ll have access to more restaurants, airports, and different types of lodging.

Maybe you’re under the impression that a Mount Rainier Elopement is just pretty views and hiking. Nope! There are plenty of adventure opportunities and experiences to incorporate into your Mount Rainier elopement.

What to Do during your Mount Rainier Elopement | Pro

Adventure doesn’t just mean adrenaline pumping activities. If your idea of adventure includes luxury, we’re here to champion that.

Pro Tip: 

Remember, you’re not planning a traditional wedding, you’re planning the best day ever and there are zero limitations on what you can do and zero expectations to be bound to. 

Your elopement is the perfect time to go all out and do the things that light you up, or feel like a once in a lifetime.

Mount Rainier Elopement Activities

  • Take a private hot air balloon ride over the iconic Mount Rainier. You can ride at sunrise or sunset for a truly incredible Mount Rainier elopement experience. Seattle Hot Air Balloon Rides 

  • Ok, so you want something on the adventurous side? Book a private climb to the peak of Mount Rainier. Definitely an epic adventure to incorporate into your elopement experience. RMI Private Guided Mount Rainier Climbs 

  • Looking for something a little more chill and luxurious? Book a few nights at a wellness retreat where you can soak in hot tubs, relax in a wood-fired sauna, and book a massage. Wellspring Mountain Time Wellness

Not sure what a full day Mount Rainier elopement looks like?


Some couples want to add more elements to their elopement day experience, and some locations are so remote that logistics make it difficult to incorporate a lot of vendors. However, Mount Rainier is not one of those locations. For couples looking to add vendors to their experience, this is a huge pro. 

We’ve listed some of the most popular vendors to hire for your Mount Rainier elopement along with a few recommendations for ya!

Vendors for Your Mount Rainier Elopement | Pro

Hiring an officiant can be an excellent addition to your elopement ceremony. If you prefer to be led through a ceremony, booking an officiant can make your ceremony super special.


Tons of couples choose to hire a hair and makeup artist for their elopement day. Your HAMUA can offer up tips to keep your lewk fresh and hold up through all the adventures you have planned for your day.

Beauty Artists:

If you’re adventuring all day, you need plenty of substance to keep you fueled for the day. What better way to stay nourished than to hire a private chef for a celebratory meal. If you are wanting to indulge your sweet tooth, consider getting some celebratory sweets to add to your experience.


Adding florals to your day can add another level to your wedding day.


While we do a ton of research for you, suggest locations and vendors, we’re not elopement planners. If you’re wanting a planner that will book vendors for ya and help with day of coordination, a Mount Rainier elopement planner will serve you so well.


Getting your marriage license for your Mount Rainier elopement is super easy. Your Washington marriage license is valid in any county. The legal part of elopements can confuse folks a bit, but Washington is pretty straightforward.

Washington Marriage License | Pro

Here’s what you need to know about getting your Washington marriage license for your Mount Rainier Elopement.

  • Your Washington Marriage License is valid anywhere in the state of Washington. For example, if you were traveling to Mount Rainier and flew into Seattle, you could get your marriage license there and it would still be valid in Mount Rainier 

  • There is a 3 day waiting period for your Washington marriage license. So if you were to get your Washington marriage license on Monday, you would want to have your Mount Rainier elopement on or after that Thursday.

  • You can apply for your marriage license online, but will need to pick it up in person. Some county clerk offices may require that you make an appointment for this. 

  • You’ll both need to be present to pick up your Washington marriage license. 

  • You’ll need to have an officiant sign your marriage license and perform your ceremony. 

  • Your marriage license is valid for 60 days 

  • There is a $72 application fee (fees vary by county)

  • You’ll need two witnesses to sign for your marriage license

Want a ceremony that feels like it’s just the two of you even though an officiant is required? We’re ordained and can help make it happen for ya! If you have a friend or family member you’d like to officiate your ceremony, they can get ordained through the Universal Life Church - check ‘em out here

Pro Tip: 

A Mount Rainier elopement sounds awesome! And yeah, it does! So if a Mount Rainier Elopement is checking off all your adventure boxes, you know what time it is:

We know what you’re thinking…

We’ll also give our best advice to help you plan for these drawbacks to help enhance your experience.

The Drawbacks of a Mount Rainier Elopement

But don’t worry!

We’re here to help you make an informed decision about where to elope and to give you all the information you need to decide whether Mount Rainier is the right elopement location for you. 

So, while we detailed out the reasons why a Mount Rainier elopement is incredible - we also need to break down some of the aspects of planning a Mt. Rainier elopement that some couples may consider to be drawbacks.

Best Season to Elope in Mount Rainier | Avoiding Crowds + More 

July - Early September is definitely when Mount Rainier National Park sees the most visitors. This is also when the weather is the most predictable and includes peak wildflower viewing opportunities in August. If you’re wanting to maximize your privacy potential for your Mount Rainier elopement, consider eloping in September or early October. Keep in mind that the weather will be less predictable and as you dip deeper into the fall season, it’ll become moodier. Winter is also a popular time to visit Mt. Rainier as snowy adventures are popping.

Expect clouds, snow, and wet conditions for lower elevations. The mountain is more likely to be obscured by clouds.


A popular time to visit for winter recreation and winter wonderland vibes. Expect some crowds, but not as many as peak season.

What to Expect

  • Mid October - Late June


The deeper into summer, you can expect more unobscured views of Mount Rainier. Sunsets will be super dreamy. Waterfalls will be gushing early in the season.


Peak season. Roads that are closed during the winter season typically open Late June/early July. Wildflowers pop off big time in July-August. This is also the wildfire.

What to Expect

  • Late June - Early September


Moody mountain views, fall colors, full waterfalls and gushing rivers. NGL this is probably our fave time to shoot here.


Fall colors will begin to show, moody vibes and less predictable weather. Crowds will significantly lessen.

What to Expect

  • Mid September - Mid October


Best Day for your Mt. Rainier Elopement | Avoiding Crowds + More

The most popular days to visit Mount Rainier National Park are the weekends. If you’re hoping for more privacy for your Mount Rainier elopement, consider exploring mid-week. We’d recommend planning your elopement for Tuesday-Thursday.

Have a plan for transportation + ParkinG

Bigger crowds can lead to logistical hiccups as well. While Mount Rainier sees a ton of visitors each season, not every parking lot can handle it. On top of implementing the tips mentioned above, you’ll want to carpool as much as possible. This not only helps ensure you can snag a parking spot at the trailhead, but also helps to minimize the impact your Mount Rainier elopement has. There are companies that will also allow you to book a private shuttle. So, if you’re planning a ceremony at a group campground, amphitheater, or at one of the small wedding venues that surround Mount Rainier, this could be a great option for your guests. Share with your guests that the lines getting into the park during peak season and peak hours can be INSANELY long. It’s important to plan for this as well.

Planning Your Mount Rainier Elopement and Crowds | Drawback

It’s estimated that Mount Rainier sees about 2 million visitors each year… WOOF THAT’S A LOT OF FOLKS! With this in mind, it’s important to know that the idea of complete privacy for your Mount Rainier elopement isn’t likely. 

While adventure elopements are dope and obviously our fave kind of wedding, getting married on public lands means you aren’t guaranteed privacy. But, we do have a few tips for avoiding the crowds and upping your chances for some private moments.

OPT for less accessible locations

Remember how we said that Mount Rainier National park has epic views that are super accessible? If you’re wanting more privacy, putting in some miles can help you get it! If you’re willing to do some hiking by headlamp, you can get some incredible views all to yourself.

Best time of Day for your Mt. Rainier Elopement | Avoiding Crowds + More

The best time of day for a Mount Rainier elopement that prioritizes privacy also happens to be when the lighting is best. 

Sunrise and sunset will see less crowds than mid morning through early evening. 

This is one of the reasons we offer a sunrise/sunset package so that you can make the most of each golden hour and have a sweet lil afternoon break to chill. 

While we don’t want the idea of a crowded park to turn you off to a Mount Rainier elopement, we do want to make sure that you have realistic expectations of what comes with eloping in Mount Rainier. 
With getting married on public lands, crowds obvi can’t be entirely avoided, but with these tips, you’ll be able to increase your chances of privacy during your Mount Rainier elopement.

Permits Required for Your Mount Rainier Elopement | Drawback

No matter how small, any ceremony that takes place inside of the park requires a special use permit.

*Remember, Your group size also includes any day of vendors like your photographers (hiiii!), videographers, officiants, etc. You’ll need to keep that in mind when applying for your special use permit for your Mount Rainier elopement.

May use campground amphitheaters.

60+ participants

May use certain predetermined locations, which may include roadside locations and campground amphitheaters.

25 - 60 participants

May use certain predetermined locations, which may include picnic areas, roadside locations, and campground amphitheaters.

13 - 24 participants

May use certain predetermined locations, which may include select trails, picnic areas, roadside locations, and campground amphitheaters.

1 - 12 participants

Here’s a breakdown from of where you can elope in Mount Rainier National Park depending on your group size:


This depends on a few different factors such as your group size, season, and the day of the week you’re eloping on.


Where can I have my Ceremony in Mount Rainier National Park?


If you are having a ceremony or are exchanging vows in the park, you need a special use permit to do so. This applies to both Mount Rainier elopements with guests and Mount Rainier elopements without guests.


Do I need a permit to elope at Mount Rainier?


We think special use permits are totally necessary and help with the impact adventure elopements can have on our National Parks. National Parks are totally underfunded and the fees you pay for a special use permit are miniscule compared to what you would pay for a wedding venue. 

The reason this is listed as a drawback is because a special use permit can be denied or not approved in time. Permits can be difficult if you’re eloping in a short timeframe, or if you, or your hired vendors don’t understand the permitting process. So let’s break it down for ya and answer all the special use permit q’s.


You do! Here’s what you can’t do straight from

  • Impede the experience of other park visitors

  • Rope off or block areas to the general public

  • Modest decorations need to have prior approval from the permit office.

  • You need additional permission for photography and videography. You’ll need to include our info on your permit (we can help with this)

  • No tents, chairs, or awnings

  • You can’t throw rice, confetti, or anything else. This includes natural and compostable materials as well. No compostable confetti, confetti made from natural materials, flowers, or flower petals.


If I have a Special Use Permit or my Mount Rainier elopement, do I have restrictions on my ceremony?


You’ll want to apply for your permit after you’ve chosen your date, location, rough ceremony time, and know your guest size. This will be information that your permit application will require.

Step 1: Visit the NPS permit page, here

Step 2: Fill out your special use permit application

Step 3: Email it to

Step 4: Pay the $175 application fee.


How do I Apply for a Special Use Permit for My Mount Rainier Elopement?


Keep it sweet and simple! Remember you’re eloping in one of the most gorgeous places ever. Allow the landscape to be your backdrop and prioritize sustainability.

You’ll want to apply for your special use permit for your Mount Rainier elopement as soon as possible. The NPS site recommends applying at least 4 weeks in advance, but if you can apply sooner, we encourage you to do so.


Leave No Trace Responsibilities

For Your Mt. Rainier Elopement



Plan Ahead + Prepare: This is something we help our couples with a ton. You can also prepare yourselves and those joining you by packing properly, wearing appropriate footwear, and downloading maps.



Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces: be sure that you’re staying on trails and durable surfaces like rocks. Wildflower meadows are one of the biggest draws to a Mount Rainier National Park elopement, but these meadows are extremely fragile and need to be treated with care.



Dispose of Waste Properly: Pack out all waste. Potty plans are necessary and an important aspect of Leave No Trace. We’ll include the bathroom situation for your locations so that you and your guests know what to expect.



Leave What You Find: You’ll have banger images to remember how special the day was and how breathtaking the views were, so leave nature where it belongs.



Minimize Campfire Impacts: Be aware of all fire restrictions in Mount Rainier National Park and in the area you’re lodging in and respect them! To read more about fires in the wilderness and how to put them out properly, go here.



Respect Wildlife: Don’t approach, feed, or touch wildlife.



Be Considerate of Others: This can be achieved by keeping group sizes small.

Hit up your LNT Aware Mt. Rainier Photographers 


Last tips for applying for your special use permit.

  • Keep your guest count low: Even though there are areas of the park for larger groups such as picnic areas, campsites, and pullouts doesn’t mean that this is ideal for your ceremony. Larger groups can make for a significant strain on park resources, particularly during peak season.

  • Have a transportation plan and carpool as much as possible: You’ll need to list out the maximum number of vehicles you’ll be using for your Mount Rainier elopement (don’t forget to factor in your vendors here).

  • Have your ceremony on a weekday: Some locations aren’t available for weekend use because of the high traffic they experience. Selecting a weekday will give you more options and put less stress on park resources.

When planning the travel for your elopement day, give yourselves some buffer days. During wildfire season, we give each elopement a few buffer days, so that if a date change is needed because of unsafe conditions, we can make it happen. Consider this when you’re booking your accommodations so that if plans need to change, you have the flexibility to do so.

Pro Tip: 

Wildfire season usually begins during July and can last all the way through September. This can cause areas of the park to be closed, nearby lodging to be evacuated, and poor air quality. 

The key during crazy weather is to have multiple backup locations, be super flexible, and know that crazy weather is part of the adventure. 

We’ll always work with you to find different locations and have multiple backup plans. 

Bad Weather During Your Mount Rainier Elopement | Drawback

Ok, so crazy weather is a risk with any adventure elopement. Working in Mount Rainier, we’ve experienced the effects of wildfire season and the impacts that it can have on an elopement day. 

Embrace it! This is part of getting married in the great outdoors. Keep an eye on the projected weather, keep your guests informed, and pack to prepare for whatever the day throws at you.


What if it rains during my Mount Rainier elopement?


Most weather apps will let you know about local weather warnings for specific areas and will also detail current air quality details.

Pro Tip: 

As your adventure elopement photographers, we shoot rain or shine. As long as it’s safe, we’ll work with you to embrace the day as it comes. 

You’ll want to consider what entrances of the park remain open and be well-aware of the seasonal road closures that take place in Mount Rainier National Park. 

Winter is a popular season to visit Mount Rainier as it begins to turn into a snowy, winter wonderland.

Need a Mount Rainier elopement photographer that shoots rain or shine, friends!?

That's Us!

In Winter, only two of the parks main entrances remain open for the snowy season. You’ll be able to enter the park through the Nisqually entrance and the Carbon River entrance.

Nisqually to Longmire remains open through the winter season and Longmire to Paradise is open Saturdays-Sundays when weather, staffing, and park resources permit. 

NPS Provides multiple resources to help you plan ahead and prepare for any closures that may occur year-round.

Seasonal Road Closures

To check on road statuses inside Mount Rainier National Park, you can go here.

Road Closures

We check webcams often, especially during winter and wildfire season. To view the Mount Rainier National Park webcams go here. This can update you on what the park looks like in multiple areas, see if Rainier is out, and get an idea of crowds.

Mt. Rainier National Park Webcams

For updates on trail closures, alerts, and park closures, go here.

Mount Rainier National Park Alerts

For recreational weather updates in the park, go here.


To check trail conditions, access reports here. It’s also advised to contact the ranger station for the most accurate and up to date trail conditions.

Trail Conditions

Packing list for your Mount Rainier National Park Elopement

Here’s a quick, basic packing list for your Mount Rainier National Park Elopement

  • Bear spray
  • Sunscreen 
  • Sunglasses 
  • Headlamps 
  • Bug Spray
  • Vows
  • Permit
  • Warm layers
  • Hand Warmers 

  • Wedding attire
  • Adventure shoes
  • Rings
  • Marriage license 
  • Waterproof jacket 
  • Clear umbrellas
  • Park Pass 
  • Downloaded maps 
  • Snacks

  1. Help you find the perfect spot
  2. Suggest vendors, lodging, and experiences
  3. Help you build the perfect elopement timeline 
  4. Support you through the permit process
  5. Celebrate with you

Right about now, you’re probs buzzing with inspiration, or maybe you have some more q’s you need answers to? You alreadyyy know what to do!

As your elopement day BFFs, we’re here to:

And don’t forget

Yes, Mount Rainier is a stunning place to elope, and one that we love to explore. But, it comes with extra considerations to make your elopement day stress-free. 

The two of you are the only ones that really know if a Mt. Rainier elopement is perfect for you. Do the drawbacks of a Mount Rainier elopement feel doable for you and your boo? Lean into your priorities for your wedding day.

So whaddya think?

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Mount Rainier Elopement Packages

All of our packages include:
  • 2 photographers
  • Curated location suggestions
  • Local adventures and experiences 
  • Unlimited planning calls + support 
  • Access to our planning resources + guides 
  • Vendor recommendations 
  • Permit navigation 
  • Timeline curation 
  • Travel for both photographers 
  • Beautiful images + printing rights

Our Mount Rainier National Park elopement packages are crafted to blend a mixture of adventure and luxury for our couples, allowing you to celebrate in beautiful locations and curate a bespoke experience. 


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