How to Elope in Texas | 5 Steps to plan your Texas Elopement

Want to know how to elope in Texas? We’ve put together this little resource to make sure you know exactly how to elope legally in Texas. Here you’ll find a step-by-step guide on How to elope in Texas.

As adventure elopement photographers and Texas locals, we love it when a couple reaches out to plan an elopement in our home state. With its wildflowers, desert landscapes, wineries, impossibly starry nights, and surprise mountains, Texas is incredible for a million reasons and makes for the perfect spot for your adventurous elopement or micro wedding.

Texas is pretty laid back when it comes to the elopement process, but there are definitely some things you’ll want to consider and add to your to-do list if you’re considering an adventure elopement in Texas.

Texas elopement location

Step 1: Pick a date for your Texas Elopement

Texas is great and we absolutely love it, but there’s a reason we head north for the summer. Texas summers mean business with an average temperature of a million degrees and constant sun, we recommend choosing a date that is between late fall-early May.

If you’re thinking of eloping in Big Bend (do it), The busy season begins in October and lasts through May. Big bend is an absolute treasure of our state and is simply one of the most incredible places you could ever say your vows.

You’ll want to get an idea of the general location you’d like to elope in Texas. Are you wanting something with a funky urban feel like Austin, a vast desert ecosystem with tons of adventures to be had like Big Bend, gorgeous natural swimming pools, or maybe a mini-grand canyon? Texas has all of this to offer and more. Choosing your location will help you to know what permits you’ll need to apply for and where you can pick up your marriage license.

Texas elopement

Step 2: Get Your Texas Marriage license

To get your marriage license in Texas, you’ll have to apply in person at the county clerk’s office. There is a 72 hour waiting period after getting your Texas marriage license and is valid for 90 days. Your license is in the entire state, but costs will vary by county. You can find more information about your Texas marriage license here.

Ready to do this?

Texas elopement inspiration
Big Bend National Park

Step 3: Elope in Texas Legally

After getting your Texas marriage license and completing the 72 hour waiting period, you’ll need to make sure you have an officiant. This can be a friend, family member, minister, photographer, etc that has been legally ordained. Because many couples elope with no one but their photographers, we are both ordained and can legally sign all of your paperwork while still giving you the freedom and intimacy of an elopement. If you have someone that you would like to perform your marriage ceremony, here’s a post that can break down the process: INSERT LINK HERE. To legally elope in Texas, you’ll also need two witnesses depending on the county you’re eloping in, one of us can always serve as a witness and there are always folks around or on the trail that are happy to serve as a witness.

Need some help planning?

Summer elopement

Step 4: Send off your paperwork

After your elopement, you simply send your paperwork off and the two of you are officially hitched! To celebrate, we recommend dancing in the desert, eating tacos while watching the sunset and stargazing while drinking Topo Chico’s or some killer beer from one of the ________ of breweries in the lone star state.

Ready for an adventure?

West Texas elopement

Step 5: Celebrate and relive your wedding day over and over

One of the cool things about eloping somewhere adventurous that you don’t get with a traditional wedding is that you can revisit where you tied the knot whenever you want. Most traditional weddings take place at expensive venues where you can only rent out a certain day/time, but where you choose to elope can be somewhere you love going. Imagine celebrating your anniversary or other big milestones somewhere gorgeous. Picture taking your family, future children, close friends to a place that holds so much meaning and power for you. 

Want more ideas on planning your dream elopement?

How to Elope in Texas | Checklist

  • Book your adventure elopement photographers (HI!)
  • Pick your date 
  • Pick a location 
  • Book your travel 
  • Book any experiences (river tours, horseback riding, wine tour, etc.). More on that here: 
  • Apply for any permits you’ll need (we can help with that).
  • Get your marriage license. More info here: 
  • Complete 72 hour waiting period 
  • Get an officiant (or ask your photographers to sign): want a family member or friend to serve as your officiant? Check out the information here: 
  • Find witnesses (varies by county)
  • Get married! 
  • Send off your paperwork 
  • Celebrate 

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