Oregon Winery Elopement

This Oregon winery elopement was the perfect laid-back celebration for M+J. Oregon is known for its moody weather gorgeous landscapes, and insanely delicious wine. The Willamette Valley is home to some of the most impressive wineries in the west. The first time we chatted with these two, Maggie filled us in on her extensive background in the wine industry and told us that for their elopement, they wanted to have their most ideal day. They wanted to keep things laidback and super simple. They knew that after enjoying a tasting with some of their pals, they wanted to walk out into the vines and exchange their vows. 

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Winery elopement

Oregon Winery Wedding Venues

Choosing the perfect Oregon winery was the biggest piece of the puzzle for their Oregon winery elopement and after considering a few, they decided on Haakon Lenai Vineyard. Haakon Lenai Vineyard provided the most incredible views and experience for M+J’s Oregon winery elopement.

After flying into Portland for their Oregon winery elopement, Maggie stopped by the flower market and designed her bouquet and Jamie’s boutonniere the day before their Oregon winery elopement ceremony. That morning, they joined some of their pals, who would later become their guests and witnesses for a quick afternoon hike before making their way out to Dundee. 

We headed to Haakon Lenai Vineyard early to check out the space and get a feel for the lighting. The tasting room at Haakon Lenai Vineyard is designed as a totally private tasting experience making it super ideal for an Oregon winery elopement. The cozy building sits at the top of the vineyard giving you an incredible view of the landscape and the vines. The interior space was bright and full of natural light coming in from the glass doors that lead out the balcony.

We arrived a little early to find a spot in the vines for their ceremony. We knew that because of the time of day, the lighting had the potential to be a little harsh and difficult to work with, so we focused on finding an area that had an even amount of shade, enough room for everyone, and had a great view of the landscape. We quickly found the perfect spot and headed back up to the tasting room to meet everyone and get the party started.

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elope at an Oregon winery
Oregon winery wedding

Elopement Attire

We met M+J in the tasting room and immediately hugged. It is always so exciting to meet our couples face to face after months of emails and phone calls. Maggie wore a vintage dress found by her sister for the tasting and Jamie wore a blue suit with the boutonniere Maggie made for their Oregon winery elopement.

The tasting was filled with insanely good wine (obviously), lots of laughter, and excitement for the upcoming ceremony. As the tasting wrapped up and the light began to change, the group moved to the balcony for a quick toast before their vow exchange. Jamie and the groomsmen headed out to the vineyard while Maggie changed into her beautiful wedding dress that the dress was the same one her mom had worn. It was so perfect and intentional for the day they had planned. 

She and her sister followed us out into the vines, stopping at the top to put on shoes and share a few laughs before walking down the aisle. Our favorite thing about this Oregon winery elopement was that everyone was grinning from ear to ear the entire time. Each moment was filled with so much joy laughter. 

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Oregon winery elopement
Oregon winery wedding venue

Oregon Winery Elopement Ceremony

They had a friend officiate their ceremony and their guests served their witnesses. It was absolutely perfect. After their ceremony, we spent some time exploring the vineyard and then drove up to the highest point of the winery to find a small playground, which everyone was obviously psyched about. 

We headed back to M+J’s Airbnb for a private dinner catered by Criolla PDX, one of the most talented teams we’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. We were invited to join as guests and were floored by the insanely delicious food we got to enjoy with the most incredible group of folks. 

This day served as such an important reminder that your elopement day should be about you and your partner. It is so easy to get swept up in what we see on social media and think that your wedding day or elopement has to look a certain way, but if you aren’t having your most ideal day, then what’s the point? We are so thrilled that these two were able to craft a day that was absolutely perfect for them and genuinely one of the most joyful celebrations we’ve ever had the pleasure of documenting.

Vinyard wedding
Oregon winery elopement
Vinyard wedding
Oregon elopement

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